About mapan

Mapan is a technology based company which focuses on improving the life quality of middle-lower income societies by leveraging technology and the power of community to help Indonesians have more independent life.

Our company is about local trust. We believe local trust is the most powerful tool to build sustainable communities.

Local trust is in danger of becoming extinct. In modern markets, most of the local shopkeepers have been replaced by modern chains which had the advantage of scale and systems. The consumers’ trust now lies with the brand, not the person that runs the shop.

We believe that in Indonesia, local trust can still be saved, and even made to flourish. In every village there is the local grocer, the savings group, the health center. All of these groups have trusted leaders who care deeply about their communities.

We are building a network of these trusted leaders so that they can be a powerful force for the economy. We offer these leaders the opportunity to be our agents. As an agents, they be able to provide a variety of services to their community. Our agents earn income by splitting the commissions they receive from providing these services.

We envision a world where restaurants no longer need greeting scripts and bankers no longer push unnecessary loans to hit sales targets. If we can empower local businesses that are trusted, they will do the right thing. Why? Because they truly care.

We believe that if we succeed, our economy will be more resilient, our communities will be stronger, and our lives will be better.

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